About MarketTools

MarketTools is the leader in software and services for online market research.   We are focused entirely on empowering our clients with the actionable insights necessary for making the best business decisions. Founded in 1997, MarketTools pioneered online surveys with the Zoomerang online surveys application, and continues to offer innovative solutions designed to deliver high value business impact.  In July of 2012, we embarked on the next phase of our evoloution by joining forces with MetrixLab

MarketTools solutions include:

  • Custom market research services focused on innovation and shopper research
  • A suite of market research software for survey, panel, and community management, designed by market researchers for market researchers

Our solutions bring together the best technology with the expertise needed to navigate the complex challenges companies face today.  We provide access to highly-targeted audiences, the research platforms to interact with them, and the analytics and expertise to help our customers draw clear and actionable conclusions.

We work with global market leaders, as well as with tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses, to generate winning ideas, achieve greater product success and increase customer loyalty.

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