How to Avoid Being One of the Most Hated Companies in America

Customers give thumbs down to the most hated companies in America The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) recently released its report on the 19 most hated companies in America, with Airlines, Banks, Power and Telco companies leading the list. 

It’s not surprising that industries with little competition and high switching costs – like banks, power and telco – don’t always provide stellar customer service. It takes significant time and energy to switch providers, and in some cases there just aren’t other options. They’ve got you. Airlines, however, continue to surprise me. Given the level of competition and relative price equality found on consolidator sites, it’s amazing to me that airlines are doing so little to keep customers satisfied and loyal.

According to ASCI, “passenger satisfaction with airlines dropped (from 2010 to 2011) by 1.5% to an ACSI score of 65—a very low score that keeps getting worse. In fact, airlines carry the lowest score among 47 ACSI industries (tied with newspapers). Poor service remains a problem for the industry.

Hearing the Voice of the Customer vs. Hearing What You Want To Hear

VOC surveys on Cruise ships A Voice of the Customer (VOC) program is obviously critical to running a successful business. We’ve all seen statistics showing how retaining customers through customer loyalty is much more effective than converting new customers. As such, many service companies have methods in place to capture customer feedback  and track customer experiences.

However, as a market research professional, I’d like to point out some key distinctions that can be overlooked when capturing and interpreting customer feedback, because the end users of feedback data might be surprised at the kind of insights they could be missing out on.

5 Tips for Better Cross-Cultural Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Global Customer Survey Often when I’m working on global customer satisfaction surveys, I come across a common concern from business leaders outside of North America.  These leaders tell me they have seen their customer satisfaction scores compare unfavorably to scores from North America, even as they do all the right things to build up customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Year-over-year, they see their scores improve, but the North America scores go even higher.  They are concerned that management sees this gap and concludes that they are doing something wrong, and sometimes this concern even leads them to be resistant to the whole survey process.

And they’re right to be concerned.

Using Enterprise Feedback Management to Manage Agent Performance

New Orleans at Night A few weeks back I attended the 2011 ACCE trade show in New Orleans, a conference focused on contact center best practices. Despite the sweltering heat, the show was great! Unlike some call center shows, every person I spoke with immediately understood the importance of Voice of the Customer programs, and it was the hot topic of the entire show.  I’ve attended quite a few contact-center focused shows in the past year, but this was the one where I truly sensed that Enterprise Feedback Management had officially ‘crossed over’ as something of mainstream importance to a contact center audience.

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